About Us

Binary Lite patented pricing technology allows you to benefit from the same rates of return as traders in the Interbank Market.

  • Real-time prices, benchmarked against interbank options markets.
  • Returns above 100% on simple rise/fall contracts.
  • Returns above 1000% on higher/lower and touch/no-touch trades.
  • No hidden fees or commissions.

Trade your way

Why limit yourself? Whatever your market view, Binary Lite allows you to put your strategy to work and profit from your predictions.

  • Choose a payout from $1 to $50,000.
  • Trade all major currencies, indices, stocks, and commodities.
  • Choose a duration from 10 seconds to 365 days.
  • Choose your own strike.

  Know what you stand to win or lose

With Binary Lite, you’ll know the risk and potential reward before you purchase a contract.

  • Choose a payout and our system will calculate the stake required to purchase the contract.
  • You risk only your initial stake, and your stake never increases.
  • You can sell your contract before expiry to keep any profit you may have made or to minimize your loss.

One simple platform

Binarrylite.com offers the world’s financial markets in a simple, user-friendly platform.

  • Find the right trade for every market condition.
  • Execute your trade in seconds.
  • Monitor your portfolio in real time.
  • Sell back trades at market prices.

Licensed, trusted, and secure

With Binarry Lite, you can count on us to serve you with integrity and reliability.

  • We have a proven track record since we launched our platform in 2000.
  • We are licensed and regulated in the British Isles, Japan, and in Malta since 2015.
  • We segregate your funds and keep them in secure and licensed financial institutions.

  We are the award-winning industry pioneer in online options trading. We boast:
  • Over two billion dollars in trades to date.
  • First-class client service.
  • Multi award-winning trading platform.
  • Exclusive binary trading technology.
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